Here’s the thing about travel blogs: anyone can start one, but very few people can make money from them.

There was an interesting debate going on on David Whitley’s blog a few weeks ago about exactly how much travel bloggers are earning, and despite claims from a few well-known exponents of making some serious coin, I find it hard to believe that many people are making a genuine living from blogging.

It’s no surprise, of course, that the big topic of conversation in travel blogging circles is monetisation – how to turn your hobby into a living. There are eBooks on it, seminars being conducted, advice being dished out by highly qualified and not-so-qualified members of the community.

I’ve heard a few different ideas, but none more brash than those of an Amsterdam-based blogger I met at a travel media convention in Canada recently.

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Weekend wisdom

June 23, 2011

With all the violence in the world, with the poverty, the natural disasters, the threats of terrorism and the GFC, it’s sometimes worth taking a moment to reflect, and to take in the wisdom that only a Japanese pachinko parlour can impart. I think there’s something in this for all of us. Have a great […]

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June 13, 2011

It’s common knowledge amongst Australians that our Kiwi brothers are a bunch of sheep-shaggers. Just ask anyone, they’ll tell you. Bloody sheep-shaggers. We have no proof, of course, but since when has that been a problem? It’s a ready-made insult, and one we won’t easily let go of. So it’s a bit of a shock […]

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The real way to barbecue

May 9, 2011

In Australia, we take barbecues pretty seriously. It might look like the simple act of grilling meat, but not being able to work a barbie is like not being able to tell your Nick Riewoldt from your Nick Farr-Jones, or not playing two-up on Anzac Day: unAustralian. Things on the Aussie barbie front might have […]

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Some Argie Bargie

April 18, 2011

They do some weird stuff overseas. From Thais putting ice in their beers to the Dutch having little viewing platforms on their toilets, there are always cultural quirks you have to get used to when you travel. But this one’s just ridiculous. I was in Argentina a few weeks back, and got stuck in more […]

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